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Off-Site Additional Services

Form preparation & off-site services:

GMS offers W2, 1099 and 1098 forms to clients for prices lower than if purchased directly from distributors. GMS orders the forms in bulk and our clients are assured that all forms are compatible with our software and at lower prices for all our clients to take advantage of.

To order forms, please login here. Alternatively, you can call or fax in your order.

GMS is fully capable of printing laser W2, 1099 and 1098 forms for agencies of any size. You can also prepare your own electronic files by using Supplement #400: W2 Magnetic Media Reporting, or Supplement #330: Complete 1099s, which include the Electronic File Transfer process as a feature of these supplements as well as Supplement #804 RLSS 1098's.

GMS has many off-site services that are available to all accounting clients. ‘Year End Closing’ has been a very demanding service for many years and is utilized by many clients each year. Other services we provide are assistance with bank reconciliations, reconciliation of Balance Sheet accounts and step-by-step training on accounts payable, payroll and month end processing. Any function of the accounting system can be covered over the phone, including books of entry, budget maintenance and supplement training.

GMS Maintenance Policy

GMS strives to respond to any support calls within two working hours. Cost per month for support will be $210 per month per organization. Support is required for the first 12 months of use, Pay-As-You-Use Support can be implemented at the current prevailing rate if the agency chooses to discontinue full support after one year. You may elect to return to full support at any time.

After one year of using the GMS Accounting and Financial Management System, you may request to modify your Service and Technical Assistance Agreement and change to Option 2 - Pay-As-You-Use (limited service and support) with a 60 day written notice. If you request to go back to Option 1 - Full Unlimited Service, you can do so immediately upon written notification to the GMS offices, but the agreement will stay in effect for at least one year. Failure to adequately update the system relieves GMS of responsibility regarding support and technical assistance.

Prepay a year's worth of maintenance and license fees and save 7.5%. This does not apply to the annual license and maintenance fees for supplements. For anyone who has requested to prepay their maintenance and license fees for the year and receives the 7.5% credit, GMS must receive the payment by the last day of the month which the billing is received. For example, if you are billed the annual maintenance and license on your January bill which you receive during the first or second week in February, we must receive payment of the entire amount by the last day of February. Anyone who fails to pay the entire amount when due will automatically have their annual maintenance canceled, and their account will be adjusted accordingly for the monthly maintenance amounts. On the February statement, you will see the annual maintenance credited back and the monthly maintenance charges applied.


Late Charges

Late fees are automatically generated in our billing system based on your original contract percentage established. It is calculated on unpaid balances of $200.00 or more. These charges become part of your unpaid balance. Payments must be received in our office by the last work day of the month in order to avoid late fees.

If you have any questions on the above two issues, please contact the President/CEO to discuss them.

Please contact Sara Drury at (800) 933-3501 ext. 3 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details or to request billing for a whole year.


GMS Software Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied, within 60 days of purchase, you may return GMS software for a refund of the software purchase price.

GMS Service Policies and Procedures Summary

To help us maintain a high level of service, you should be aware of several policies and procedures.

1) Clients should place service calls via email,  online service call or call the toll free number for the Maryland office for service. This enables us to route the call to the staff person most available and able to respond to your question.
2) Every service call is to be responded to within 2 hours of its receipt (unless you indicate otherwise when you place the call). GMS service hours are 8:30am to 7:00pm EST Monday through Thursday and 8:30am to 5:00pm EST on Fridays.

We consider a response to be (a) completing the call, (b) advising you that we are running late and securing your permission to call back at a later time, or (c) reviewing the issue with you so we can research it and give you the answer by an agreed upon day or time.
3) It is GMS practice to respond to service calls on a first come-first served basis. However, when conflicts occur, calls will be prioritized in this order.
  • Payroll, when it is required in order for payroll checks to be issued.
  • Accounts payable, when it is required in order for accounts payable checks to be issued.
  • Month end, when it is required in order for month end to be closed.
4) Any client who has an unpaid balance for two or more consecutive months will have their service halted until such time the unpaid balance is received in the GMS office. If a client has had their service halted, it will apply to all companies that the client uses any GMS system for.

Here is how our service call system works:

When your call is received in the Maryland office it is logged into our service call system, it is assigned to a service staff employee. Throughout the day as calls are completed, they are closed out and no longer appear as outstanding. In this fashion, service call histories are maintained for all clients and we are able to monitor our progress on outstanding calls. Our goal is to provide the best service possible in a timely manner.

There are a few things that you can do to help the GMS Service staff before you fax or place the call:

1) Determine to the best of your knowledge what the problem is.
2) Refer to the Help sections to see if you clearly understand the operation procedures.

When placing the service request:

1) Send your Service Call by email, online or call the Maryland office directly at 800-933-3501.
2) We will need your name, agency name and client number.
3) State, as specifically as possible, what the question or problem is. Some examples are "Some current month direct charges are not reflected on the General Ledger with Current Detail" or "An amount was deducted on the payroll register for a deduction that had reached its maximum."
4) Be as specific as possible as to the urgency of the returned call to help the service staff with prioritizing. Remember, we will respond within 2 hours unless you specify otherwise. Some examples are "Payroll checks have to be completed and signed by noon today", "Payroll checks are done but we need assistance in preparing some payroll adjustments before the next payroll is run which is a week from today" or "Month end reports must be completed by the end of today".
5) If you are returning a call, please specify who left a message for you to call so your message will go directly to that person.

If you have not received a call back by the requested time, please call the Maryland office so we can determine why not, and correct the situation for the future. We are continuously striving to improve our service and welcome your thoughts and suggestions at any time.


Service Halts

Any client who has an unpaid balance for two or more consecutive months will have their service halted until such time the unpaid balance is received in the GMS office. If a client has had their service halted, it will apply to all companies that the client uses any GMS system for.


GMS Cancellation Policy

GMS's software cancellation policy to deactivate the software license/warranty and service/support fees is 60 days written notice to be received in our office by mail at 10559 Metropolitan Avenue, Kensington, MD 20895, faxed to 301/933-3502 or emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Upon receipt of the cancellation notifications, a prorated credit would be issued to your account for any annual license/warranty and service/support fees previously billed that covers the period after the effective cancellation date.

The total account balance is due in full by the last day of the month following the month of the cancellation effective date.

The written notification may be sent on agency letterhead or by email from an authorized individual.

Staff Travel Policies and Procedures

When GMS staff go on-site to a client agency, the following policies and procedures shall apply:

Travel Time
Travel and on-site time will be billed to the client at the normal prevailing daily rate currently $500/day, or prorated for one half of a day. In no instance, however, will a client be billed for more than an 8-hour day should any combination of travel and/or work time exceed 8 hours. This will include situations due to inclement weather, delayed or cancelled flights, acts of nature or situations that arise that are completely out of GMS Staff control.

GMS staff will be responsible for making their own airplane reservations with consideration given to the lowest cost for the best connections available. The GMS administrative staff are available to assist staff with these arrangements. Reservations should be made promptly in order to secure the best rate. If the client has agreed upon the purchase time of the ticket, they will be responsible for penalty or change fees should the client cancel or reschedule the visit.

GMS staff will be responsible for making their own hotel reservations. Should staff have any questions or require recommendations to assure the hotel is conveniently located, clean and in a safe environment, they will contact the client. Should the client have a direct bill arrangement with a preferred hotel, or a specific recommendation due to location or any other reason, they should inform GMS accordingly. Hotel costs will be billed to the client.

Rental Car
GMS staff will normally rent a car, which will be billed with their other travel expenses. If your agency prefers other arrangements, please discuss with GMS staff when they call.

Mileage will be billed to the client at our prevailing rate for any miles driven with a staff's personal car in connection with the on-site visit.

All meal expense incurred during the staff's travel status shall be billed to the client.

Parking, Tolls, & Other Expenses
If the GMS staff incur such miscellaneous costs such as parking, tolls, etc., the amount shall be billed to the client based on actual expenses.

Entertainment Costs
Entertainment costs are not reimbursed to GMS staff and are not billed to GMS clients.