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GMS Difference

Over 30 years experience in nonprofit accounting, cost allocation and reporting for funding sources.

  • Provides the ability to account, report and monitor budgets for multiple grants and contracts even if they have differing funding periods
  • Automatically handles cost allocation issues - for common costs, general, administrative, costs, fringe benefits, and leave costs
  • Specialized installation and training by accounting professionals at your location
  • Continuing service and support for your staff - assuring that GMS is a final and permanent investment

Selecting the right accounting and financial reporting system is an enormous responsibility. How do you compare systems when no two are alike? When approaches differ? When no two organizations are the same?

GMS software was written and designed specifically for non-profit organizations required to account for grants, contracts and activities.

GMS software is designed to handle activity accounting. It is not a remake of a commercial accounting package or an adaptation of a job costing system. It was created and written specifically to account for grants, contracts, and activities.

GMS staff will thoroughly train your staff on-site and assist with system conversion to make certain that implementation is completed the way you expected.

No software package will work if your staff doesn’t know how to use it, lacks confidence, or can’t find the time to implement it. Our approach makes certain that your system is implemented properly, that your staff supports and understands the new system, and knows how to use it.

We are not resellers.
GMS developed the software.

Because we developed the GMS Accounting and Financial Management/Reporting System, our staff is best at shaping it to fit your organization’s special requirements.

Our continuing service program supports your staff in every way assuring that GMS is a permanent and final investment.

Continuing support and service is much more than just a toll free telephone number or e-mail address.

Continuing success requires continuing service. We believe that as you review the information we have provided you it will be abundantly clear how high a priority we place on quality support and service. Just ask our clients.