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Staff Travel Policies and Procedures

When GMS staff go on-site to a client agency, the following policies and procedures shall apply:

Travel Time
Travel and on-site time will be billed to the client at the normal prevailing daily rate currently $500/day, or prorated for one half of a day. In no instance, however, will a client be billed for more than an 8-hour day should any combination of travel and/or work time exceed 8 hours. This will include situations due to inclement weather, delayed or cancelled flights, acts of nature or situations that arise that are completely out of GMS Staff control.

GMS staff will be responsible for making their own airplane reservations with consideration given to the lowest cost for the best connections available. The GMS administrative staff are available to assist staff with these arrangements. Reservations should be made promptly in order to secure the best rate. If the client has agreed upon the purchase time of the ticket, they will be responsible for penalty or change fees should the client cancel or reschedule the visit.

GMS staff will be responsible for making their own hotel reservations. Should staff have any questions or require recommendations to assure the hotel is conveniently located, clean and in a safe environment, they will contact the client. Should the client have a direct bill arrangement with a preferred hotel, or a specific recommendation due to location or any other reason, they should inform GMS accordingly. Hotel costs will be billed to the client.

Rental Car
GMS staff will normally rent a car, which will be billed with their other travel expenses. If your agency prefers other arrangements, please discuss with GMS staff when they call.

Mileage will be billed to the client at our prevailing rate for any miles driven with a staff's personal car in connection with the on-site visit.

All meal expense incurred during the staff's travel status shall be billed to the client.

Parking, Tolls, & Other Expenses
If the GMS staff incur such miscellaneous costs such as parking, tolls, etc., the amount shall be billed to the client based on actual expenses.

Entertainment Costs
Entertainment costs are not reimbursed to GMS staff and are not billed to GMS clients.